eNATAL - Electronic Prenatal Records System

Reasonable, value-based pricing where the return on your investment is immediate and obvious. Affordable pricing for solo practitioners, entire communities, and everything in-between.  

An Affordable and Simple
Approach to Pricing

Software as a Service Model (SaaS)

Our SaaS model lets you "rent" eNATAL services without a huge upfront investment in fees or hardware. Basically, you only pay for the services that you use for as long as you would like to use our services. You can quit at any time and have complete access to your data. All that you need is Internet access at the points of care along with a printer. This model is ideal for practices with as few as 50 new OBs per year to practices with hundreds of new OBs per year.

There is a one-time SaaS initiation fee for each new subscriber practice that varies according to your practice's annual obstetric volume. Additionally, each new subscribing practice will need to tokens (see below). Please fill out the online form for an initiation fee quote.

After the initiation fee is paid, eNATAL uses a simple token-based payment approach that lets our subscribers choose how much they actually pay for eNATAL services. One "token" is consumed for each pregnancy registered with eNATAL. When subscribers run out of tokens, they cannot enter new pregnancies into eNATAL until they purchase more tokens. Depending on the quantities of tokens purchased at once, subscribers choose how often and how much they pay.

# of Tokens Purchased at Once

Rate Per Pregnancy

(minimum quantity of 25 tokens)


eNATAL Enterprise - Traditional Licensing

Because each Enterprise or larger organization represents a unique environment and may require differing levels of support and assistance, Enterprise pricing and eNATAL licensing and professional services will vary from organization to organization. Some enterprises may choose to have the eNATAL web application hosted at a third-party hosting facility and maintained completely by eNATAL technical staff. Other more technically-savvy enterprises may choose to locally manage and maintain all the hardware and software necessary to host the eNATAL web application requiring only occasional assistance from eNATAL staff. For additional information about eNATAL Enterprise pricing, please contact us at info@eNATAL.com.


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