eNATAL - Electronic Prenatal Records System

Missing Prenatal Records at a Birth Center:
A Communication Problem Quantified

DW Miller, Jr., MD, JD Yeast, MD, MSPH,
RL Evans, BSN, RN
AMIA 2005 Symposium Proceedings

This paper concludes that prenatal records are frequently missing at the point-of-care, and even when records are available or retrieved, the information contained within them is likely to be outdated.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Using an Electronic Medical Record to Improve Communication within a Prenatal Care Network

Bernstein PS, Farinelli C, Merkatz IR. Obstetrics & Gynecology 2005;105:60712.

This paper describes the use of a local web-based electronic prenatal record within one institution outlining the benefits of information access where prenatal records were missing up to 30% of the time.

Letter to the Editor from Dr. Miller regarding electronic prenatal records

Obstetrics & Gynecology 2005;105:1488-1489

Dr. Miller responds to the suggestion that more research is needed before electronic prenatal records are widely implemented.

Current Women's Health Reports: Web Alert

by Robert L Yarwood MD FACOG
June 1, 2003

Don't Mess with Mother Nature

A developer's take on why vertical solutions, like eNATAL, have evolved and still have a place in healthcare technology planning

Healthcare Informatics
September 2002

The eNATAL Prenatal Record: A Comparison

by Louis A. Marzano, MD, FACOG,
Medical Consultant
Northwest Physicians Mutual Insurance Company

September 12, 2002

Two Birds with One Stone: High-Tech Solution Makes Records More Accessible, Reduces Paperwork

By Jennifer Larson
NurseZone feature writer


Prenatal Care: A Strategic First Step Toward Electronic Medical Record Acceptance

The Journal of Healthcare Information Management
Spring 2003 - Volume 17, Issue 2

Letter to the Editor regarding access to electronic prenatal records
(PDF version)

OBG Management
June 2007 · Vol. 19, No. 06

Letter to the Editor regarding a gradual rather than an 'all-or-none' approach to EMR implementation
(PDF version)

OBG Management
October 2007 · Vol. 19, No. 10



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eNATAL's Electronic Prenatal Records on Fox4 NEWS
January 17, 2003
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eNATAL's Electronic Prenatal Records on ActionNEWS41

February 5, 2003
Kansas City

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