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There is probably no greater need for consistent prenatal care than in the public health sector. Prenatal care is sometimes given anonymously and what needs to be done next must be clear to all.



Prenatal care provided by public health organizations is crucial, yet their patients, and their prenatal records, are often lost in the shuffle.

Prenatal care is one of the most vital and cost-effective services provided by public health organizations for uninsured and underinsured pregnant patients. Yet, the very environment where this care is delivered can often lead to inconsistent care and the all-too-common scenario of missing prenatal records just when they are needed most. eNATAL (SM) can solve these two problems immediately, and can serve as the foundation for new initiatives and programs to improve prenatal care for the poor (PDF).

Prenatal Care at a Federally-Qualified Health Center (FQHC)In a public health environment these two problems are exacerbated when care is delivered at multiple locations throughout a region, perhaps by “anonymous” providers of various skill levels, and where a patient may randomly present at any one of multiple hospitals. Management of paper records and enforcement of consistent quality prenatal care in this challenging environment are both logistical nightmares that fail routinely. The expense of the paper shuffle, uninformed obstetric care at the clinic and hospital, redundant testing when records are not available, and ultimately, the cost of poor maternal and neonatal outcomes dwarfs the cost of the eNATAL system.

eNATAL provides the automated and structured system where each pregnant patient can consistently receive the personalized and standardized care that is intended for her no matter who sees her, or where. And a patient’s complete current records are accessible for care whether they go to the right, or wrong hospital.

eNATAL can tie together multiple clinics and hospitals within a city, county, or state and once and for all provide a uniform prenatal record for all patients under the care of a community health system. Because there is a single electronic prenatal record stored in a single database, data for reporting, statistics, and clinical research is available.

If you have questions about eNATAL, or how it can add value to your federally-qualified clinics (FQHC) or prenatal care clinics, or if you would like to schedule a live demonstration, please contact us at info@eNATAL.com.


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