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There's a big problem with the prenatal records you are using now.



Paper prenatal records cost your practice time and money.

The use of paper prenatal records often leads to uninformed care and your patients not receiving the care that you intend. You cannot allow or afford these realities to continue for the sake of your patients and the livelihood of your practice.

Prenatal records or ACOG Antepartum records fill up file cabinetsThe cost of paper forms is insignificant compared to what the use of paper prenatal records actually costs your practice. It costs real money for your staff to spend the non-productive time to periodically gather prenatal records and stand in front of a copy or fax machine to copy and transfer records. And the cruel irony is that the more demanding you are for complete and current paper records in L&D, the more you are penalized financially. Additional paper handling costs are generated because of the time your staff spends finding and filing paper records for every prenatal visit, every laboratory report, every phone call, etc. Another unrecognized expense of incomplete or missing records is the time your staff spends back and forth on the phone with L&D, shuffling through cabinets looking for GBS, HBsAg, etc. results. eNATAL completely eliminates these costs. And eNATAL forever eliminates your own late night trips to the office or clinic trying to find prenatal records for a worrisome patient.

The other costs of continuing to use paper prenatal records are the risks and costs of managing patients without all of the information you have collected over nine months, and the potential catastrophic costs of having a patient fall through the cracks in your care. It doesn’t make sense to keep meticulous records over eight months when they are routinely missing, outdated, or incomplete when they are needed most. And the lack of informed care doesn’t make sense to your liability carrier either.

Any practice still using paper prenatal records should switch immediately to eNATAL. For a paper-based practice, eNATAL adds obvious and immediate value to your prenatal care without changing the way you do everything. Even if a practice plans to eventually move to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), eNATAL can coexist and complement any other EMR that may have no, or an unusable prenatal care module.

If you have questions about eNATAL, or how it can add value to your practice, or if you would like to schedule a live demonstration, please contact us at info@eNATAL.com.


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