eNATAL - Electronic Prenatal Records System

What's god for your practice is probably good for your community. eNATAL can unite an entire region around a comprehensive prenatal record system  

The value of the eNATAL concept increases exponentially for an entire community of obstetric providers.

A typical obstetric community consists of assorted practice specialities, multiple prenatal record formats, random availability of records, and increasingly, disparate and incompatible ambulatory EMR systems. All of this diversity leads to confusion in L&D with innumerable paper forms filed (and lost) in cabinets, the potential of multiple GUI interfaces for EMRs, all of which make the aggregation of perinatal data for reporting or research completely impossible or incredibly expensive and time-consuming.

A more coherent approach to obstetric care in a community, is for that community to adopt a uniform Internet-accessible prenatal record that is instantly available to both providers and L&D staff. With such an approach, there will be a single method to access prenatal information, cabinets stuffed with paper in L&D will disappear, and aggregation of community perinatal data would become almost trivial.

Adoption of eNATAL for prenatal record-keeping for an entire community can coexist with and complement paper-based practices, those practices using EMRs without a usable obstetric component, and practices using EMRs who will use eNATAL alongside their own EMR for the benefit of pregnant women in the entire community.

A community-based prenatal care system can be hosted locally using the Enterprise version of eNATAL (PDF). Using eNATAL Enterprise tools, the clinical content of this uniform prenatal record can be readily modified to match the unique needs of each locale. This unprecedented innovation would still allow each practice to control access to their patients' prenatal records and still allow each practice to configure their risk-specific care plans and reminders.

The value of a community-based approach to information technology has already been recognized by the Federal government when they enacted the "community-wide exception" to remove regulatory barriers (and penalties) for projects designed to improve the health of a community like eNATAL .

If you have questions about eNATAL, or how it can add value to the obstetric care in your community or Federally-Qualified Health Center (FQHC), or if you would like to schedule a live demonstration, please contact us at info@eNATAL.com.


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