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eNATAL - An Internet-Based Prenatal Care System for OBGYNs, Midwives, Family Medicine, Residencies and FQHC health centers Videos
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“Simply replace your paper prenatal records with an accessible, intelligent and dedicated prenatal care system.”

Whether you are an obstetrician, family physician, or midwife, our concept is simple – if you are still using paper prenatal records, just swap them for a digital version that is always complete, always current, never lost, and is immediately available to anyone who needs it. This is the advantage of securely storing information "in the cloud", something we discovered and implemented OVER TEN YEARS AGO! This exchange of a “dumb” paper record, like the ACOG Antepartum Record, for an intelligent system, that also assists you in providing consistent prenatal care, is simply a no-brainer.

And the simplicity of giving access to your digital prenatal records to L&D staff, completely eliminates the non-productive, expensive, and antiquated habits of copying, faxing, transporting, filing, etc. paper prenatal records. Now your staff can actually take care of patients.

The eNATAL concept goes well beyond providing access to prenatal records. eNATAL is an intelligent system that provides clinical decision support by way of automated obstetric risk-assessment, risk-specific customizable care plans, and persistent reminders to deliver the care that you intend. This unprecedented assistance will help you deliver consistent and quality prenatal care to every patient in your practice.

The eNATAL concept of bringing 21st Century technology to a focused area of practice makes particular sense because prenatal care has always revolved (and evolved) around a stand-alone form with its own unique workflow (PDF). When you switch to eNATAL, little of that familiar workflow is disturbed creating a near-frictionless implementation compared to complicated implementations where everything changes.

Also, the reality of healthcare information technology is that obstetrics and prenatal care are usually ignored or mangled by other EMR vendors who do not understand obstetrics and whose attempts at recreating the OB workflow are unusable. The eNATAL concept complements and coexists with existing EMRs, and can be a practical graduated first step for practices that eventually plan a move to an EMR (or a logical step to improve obstetric for those practices never planning to abandon paper records).

When combined with Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the eNATAL concept is even more attractive. With no huge upfront costs, no servers to buy and install, no maintenance or data backup tasks, you only pay for what you use, and you can stop using eNATAL services at any time with complete access to and recovery of all your data.

Join the the hundreds of eNATAL users providing care to thousands of pregnant women every year and make the switch to eNATAL. Please contact us at info@eNATAL.com if you have further questions, or if would like to schedule a live demonstration.


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